This page contains instructions for submitting the notebook version of your presentation. The notebook includes a draft version of your conference paper and will be made available at the Conference. Final versions of the paper will be gathered after the Conference and will be published in a bound proceedings that can be purchased by anyone. (All Conference attendees will receive a copy as part of their registration, of course.)
NOTE: If you do not upload a notebook paper, your submission will be used in the notebook. You must eventually upload a final version of your paper.

ANOTHER NOTE: Notebook papers must be uploaded by March 11th.

Content of notebook paper

Your notebook paper should be helpful for people attending the Conference, giving them a good sense of what your presentation was about and what made it important. In most cases, it will be a modified version of your submission, possibly expanded (within page limits), and preferably revised to respond to reviewer comments.
Notebook papers for paper presentations should include and elaborate on the key points of the presentation.
For poster presentations, the notebook paper should highlight the main points of the poster. It may obviously include many graphics from your poster, but will probably not be a duplicate of your poster (because of the formatting restrictions).
For demonstration presentations, the notebook paper will describe the purpose of the demonstration and how it works. It should almost definitely include some screen snapshots if it is a visual demonstration.
If you do not provide a notebook paper, your submission will be used in its place.
Length of notebook paper

As last year, notebook paper lengths depend on the type of presentation you are giving at the Conference:
Papers are limited to 8 pages.
Posters are limited to 6 pages.
Demonstrations are limited to 6 pages.
Please note the formatting requirements below.
Formatting requirements

You are free to use any formatting you like for the notebook paper, provided:
the paper prints properly on 8.5×11 paper. If you are not in the U.S., please ensure that the settings on the electronic version of your paper are for “letter” size.
you do not use a font smaller than 9 point.
you include the paper’s title, the list of authors, and their affiliation at the top of the first page
you do not include page numbers
However, the final proceedings will use a style developed for HLT 2001, which was based on the ACM conference proceedings style. We strongly suggest you modify your notebook paper to use this style so that you do not have to make style changes more than once.
Sample style files are available with information about the final proceedings.

Other things to keep in mind

Notebook papers will be printed in black and white. If you have color graphs or pictures, ensure that they print nicely in greyscale. (We may be able to provide color plates for the final proceedings, but that hope has not yet been confirmed.)
If your paper contains unusual fonts or formatting requirements, we encourage you to fax a copy of the paper so that we can ensure it prints properly. This issue is most likely to arise on any paper including non-European fonts (e.g., Chinese and Japanese).
Fax the paper to +1 215 898 0587 and mark it “attention Christine Metz for HLT 2002 notebook”.

Uploading your paper

Your notebook paper needs to be uploaded to the SPAWAR upload center in the same way that your original submission was uploaded. The means:
Convert your paper to PDF or PostScript (PDF is preferred). Be certain that you have it formatted for 8.5×11 paper. If your paper includes non-U.S. fonts (e.g., Chinese and Japanese), be sure that they are incorporated into the PDF file.
Recall your submission password. Note that this is not the same as the registration code that you got by email when you were formally accepted to attend the conference. Your submission password is a password that you chose. (You also got a submission ID by email from SPAWAR, but that was only used the first time you logged on.)
Log onto the submission site
Upload your paper by following the instructions.
Confirm the information about your presentation

Please check the list of presentations and/or the conference program to ensure that your presentation is correctly listed. That includes the presentation’s title, author names and order, and affiliations.