HLT 2002 Final Proceedings

Final proceedings papers should be uploaded by April 22, 2002. The published version of the proceedings should be shipped in mid-summer. On-line versions of the papers should be available by late April or early May.
This page will provide all the information you need to create and submit the final proceedings version of your conference presentation. For now, you can find information on:

Formatting guidelines
Style files for formatting your paper
Later, it will include
Instructions for uploading your paper
Formatting guidelines

Your paper should be formatted using the LaTeX or Word style files described below. It must be formatted so that it prints properly on 8.5×11 paper. If you are not in the U.S., please ensure that the settings on the electronic version of your paper are for “letter” size.
Do not use a font smaller that 9 points and do not include page numbers. If you are including non-English characters (e.g., Chinese, Arabic) in your paper, please ensure that the PostScript or PDF file includes the fonts within the file.

Presentations that were accepted as papers are allowed up to eight (8) pages in the proceedings. Poster and demonstration descriptions are allowed up to (6) pages.

The printed proceedings will only print grayscale, so be sure that color is not necessary to understand your paper. The on-line version of the paper may include color if you desire. (The instructions on uploading your paper outline what you should do if you need to create two versions of the paper.)

Style files

All papers should conform to the HLT style described in this section. The style, developed last year for HLT 2001, is based upon ACM’s conference proceedings style. You can get a Word template that will set most of the details you are likely to care about, or you can get a LaTeX2e template.
Word style

Download the file hlt2002.doc for a template describing the HLT 2002 style. It is an example file that includes all of the desired font settings.
LaTeX2e style

There are several sample files for the LaTeX2e style, though the class file is the more significant one. Most of the others are illustrative.
hlt2002.cls is the document class that is required for using this style.
hlt2002.tex is a sample document that describes the style and how to use it. It is quite complex, and you will probably need only a small amount of the information. If you have a large number of authors, you may want to use the format it provides, but you may also prefer to cobble something together that looks better.
hlt2002.bib is a sample BibTeX file.
simple.tex is a stripped down file showing what is probably the minimum needed.
fly.eps is an EPS file included by hlt2002.tex and simple.tex.
rosette.ps is another included file.
flies.eps is yet another included file.
Uploading final version of the paper

(Instructions on uploading final versions of papers will be posted immediately after the HLT2002 conference.)